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Life Support Equipment
Life Support Equipment – Divers’ Hot Water Unit
Underwater Technology Services (UTS) manufactures in house the Life Support Equipment that it features in all UTS manufactured Saturation Dive Systems. Assembled using the highest quality of standardized mechanical and electrical parts, our entire package is manufactured here in Singapore.

Standardization is an important concept here at UTS; We utilize the exact components across our fleet of equipment as far as possible so as to keep costs and problems with inventory down in the operational endeavours of our Clients. The effectiveness and durability of our equipment has been attested to in regions with a wide variety of climate conditions such as Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Malaysia, the Arabian Gulf, the Gulf of Mexico, China, Korea, India, Sakhalin, Vietnam & Indonesia.

UTSís 144kW Diverís Hot Water Unit has twin heating towers (72 kW each) & twin circulating pumps. The towers can either be used as redundancy to each other in parallel, or simultaneously in series for extra heat in sub zero operating conditions. The temperature is controlled by upper and lower set points and safety cut out limits, and is easily monitored on the panel via digital temperature readouts. In a complete dive system, a temperature readout, setting and alarm facility is provided for in the Supervisor Control Station.
UTS Dual Diver Hot Water Unit
Thumbnail Type Tank Volume Inlet Water Temperature Range Max Outlet Temperature Length Breadth Height
Dual Diver’s Hot Water Unit Approx 2 x 100 Litres 1 °C to
30 °C
Max 50 °C @ inlet of 5 °C 1.5m 0.69m 2.0m
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All UTS equipment are not limited to the listed working parameters.
The equipment can often be modified by UTS to safely complete work that exceeds their current configuration
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